:: Dari kesusahan itu akan diperolehi kesenangan dan kebahagiaan, seperti durian berduri kerana sedap isinya, kulit manggis pahit sebab manis di dalamnya dan bunga ros berduri kerana harum baunya ::

If you ever heard of this phrase "first impression is the last impression" then this is the place where you implement it. People coming in your office make their impression about you and your office within few minutes. It is not only important to make a good impression the moment they step in but to sustain it till they leave. The atmosphere of your office should be professional as well as comforting to the visitor. If you can strike that balance then you have done a great job.

The first that you require is a good reception area. The basic concept is to have your reception area right in-front of your main door, so that people coming in have no problems in spotting it. The receptionist should be facing people as they enter through the main door. The next important this is to have a nice and comfortable seating area. The receptionist might have to ask your guest or visitor to sit by the time she calls the concerned person.

Coming to the interior of the office, whether you have a simple look to your office or a creative one, you should maintain that continuity starting from the reception to the end. Many offices have a set theme for their interiors which effectively describes their business. Although you can have any theme for your office but it is always better to choose a theme that relates to your business. The color of your office walls should be according to the theme. One has to be very careful with colors as you would not want to over do it and spoil the overall ambience of the office.

Many theories have confirmed that people feel more active in a colorful environment and active people give good results. Your have couple of options when it come to the furniture. You can relate your furniture according to the theme of the office or to keep it simple just match it up with the color of the walls.

Not only these tips are helpful to setup an office but with a little bit of creativity you can give a facelift to your existing office.

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